What We Do

Thought and Movement

  • iPhone, iPad and Android app design and development
  • Location-based mobile app design and development
  • Marker or location-based augmented reality application design and development
  • Alternate reality game development and deployment

Time and Place

  • High-resolution scanning of documents, maps, images
  • Presentation of digital resources for research, web, mobile, or installations
  • Translation of geographic resources to Google Earth standalone files and web interfaces
  • 3D modeling of historic structures for presentation on the web, in Google Earth, or in augmented reality applications
  • Google Earth Tours designed for user download or presentation on the web

Design and Build

  • Custom Google Earth tours, video production, or resource presentations for Liquid Galaxy installations
  • WordPress design and development
  • Omeka design, development, and integration with web and multitouch applications
  • Moodle content management system design and development

Marketing and Support

  • Historical or educational project design for installation, web, or mobile
  • Grant writing assistance for high-tech projects
  • Video production for project tutorials, marketing
  • Social media for project marketing
  • Staff and faculty training for installation, web, and mobile applications
  • Professional digital photography
  • Print design for projects


  • History education consulting
  • Technology integration consulting
  • Games-Based learning consulting

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