Submrge: Deeper Thinking about Games and Education


HistoriQuest LLC and Harrisburg University of Science and Technology are partnering on an original and exciting project intended to facilitate the introduction of games in K12 education. The website, Submrge: Deeper Thinking about Games and Education, fills a need for academic discussion of the direct association of specific games to specific K12 learning objectives, individual learning styles, 21st Century SkillsCommon Core Curriculum, and the LoTi HEAT Framework. Secondly, the site supports the proliferation of content-specific games, but more importantly to argue that the higher reaches of Bloom’s Taxonomy, the HEAT Framework, and 21st Century skills are most often best attained by students using non-content specific games. It is these games that offer chances for deep mental processing, player choice, creativity and innovation.

The site encourages teachers to use/discuss games in their classroom by giving them information that details the specific educational values of games as they are released. also links specific “off the shelf” games and game-based classroom activities to specific levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, the LoTi HEAT Framework, 21st Century Skills, and the Common Core.
Submissions of games and activities by educators is highly encouraged, and can be shared on the site (the “Submit” link), on our Facebook page, or shared on Twitter or Tumblr with hashtag ‪#‎submrge‬.
You can visit the site at, or give us a “like” on our Facebook page.

The project is generously funded by the Ludus Project.

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